UPI Makati Branch Trading Division

Expand business into the fields of industrial materials products and machinery, infrastructure, clean energy, and food in the Philippines



UAM Philippines Inc. created a trading division in July 2017 to expand its ultimate mother company Okaya & Co., Ltd.’s business activity in the Philippines through the establishment of its Makati Branch. As such, UPI added another sales office to Okaya’s already extensive global network of 93 business locations in 23 countries.

In line with Okaya’s core businesses, the Makati Branch engages in the marketing and sales of Iron and Steel, Information and Electronics (including Non-ferrous materials), Industrial Machinery and Materials (including plastics and chemicals), and Living Related Products. Its business development is focused on the sales of steel, aluminum, copper, and chemical materials or products for various industries; water and energy industry pipe and fittings; electronic parts; machinery and tools; and food import and export.

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Products & Services

Iron and Steel

Tin Plates

Steel for construction

Steel Plates, Pipes, Tubes

Cold Drawn Steel Bars

Information and Electronics

Evaporators, Aluminum

Lead Frame, Copper

Operation Improvement Software

Automotive electronics parts

Industrial Machinery & Materials

Special Plastics

Industrial Tools

Machinery and Robots

Machinery Tools

Piping Materials


Herring fishing in Canada

Flexible Joints/Seismic Joints

and other fittings

Water Industry






San Jose Pipe Bridge, Rizal

400mmm and 1300mm

Actual performance test for

QC, Philippines's Project

Rodriguez Pumping Station

La Mesa Dam. 1200mm

Davao City Project


Electronics Products


Product List

Iron & Steel

Hot Rolled Coil

Cold Rolled Coil

Tin Plate/Laminated Tin Free

Wire Rods

Steel Plates

Checkered Steel Plates

Steel Bars

Piped and Fittings (Water/Oil/Gas)


Non-ferrous and Electronics

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum Sheet/Strip/Foil

Aluminum Alloys/Panels

Copper Rod/Alloys

Copper Alloy



Electronic parts

LED Lamps


Industrial Machinery & Materials

Machining Center

Lathe Machine

Grinding Machine

Industrial Robots

Industrial Tools


Plastic Resin

Test Meters



UPI Makati Branch Trading Division


Unit 805, 8th Floor Antel Corporate Center, 121 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227


(+63)(02) 5-310-0611 / 5-310-0613


(+63)(02) 5-310-0683